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Aston Financial Services provides consulting services in the area of personal financial planning, taxation and asset management. We provide independent advice when the client needs to choose Investment Company, financial product or instrument, bank or insurance company.

Our aim – to provide the holistic financial solution for the client due to our objective approach in partnerships with our financial partners in every area of our services in any country of the world.


Our services

Aston Financial Services provides consultations for the clients that initially allow evaluating his financial aims, and then followed by provision of holistic approach with the recommended financial solutions (investment products, property, that are individual for every client.

Furthermore, we support our client at every stage of his plan realization.

Our main criteria:

  • Independеnce  -  we provide the recommendation based on your enquiry, grounded on the detailed and objective analysis of financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad
  • Holistic approach in the capital allocation – we assist in development of long-term strategy of personal financial planning taking into account all the goals of the client (education planning for the children, travelling, retirement etc.)
  • Secure investment of the capital – we recommend only trustworthy international financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad with rating A (should be applied only to the international institutions)
  • Trusted and respectful partners – we thoroughly choose our partners in order to enable us to provide you with the best service
  • High quality service – we provide financial solutions based on the individual approach to each client and support the client on a constant basis
  • Aim driven – our aim – is your financial prosperity
  • We are welcoming each client – we provide consultation for every client with different funds and goals

Our partners