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About us

Aston Financial Services provides consulting services in the area of personal financial planning, taxation and asset management. We provide independent advice when the client needs to choose investment company, financial product or instrument, bank or insurance company.

Our aim is to provide the holistic financial solution for the client due to our objective approach in partnerships with our financial partners in every area of our services in any country of the world.


History of the company

In 2010 the company launched its activity in Ukraine. From its start, the company had sharply increased the number of its partners in the Ukraine and around the world. With the professional support of our partners we are able to provide the best services for our clients in the area of various investment products, private banking for the individuals, tax optimization for the corporate clients and family office services.


«Manage your income smart! It should be considered in line with another slogan: Take care of your personal financial prosperity in advance! These are the key elements in successful approach to the management of personal finance».

Elena Bokan,

Director AFS




The head of Aston Financial Services in Ukraine is an independent financial advisor Elena Bokan. She had graduated from Kiev National University named by T.Shevchenko in Ukraine and Aston Business School in UK.

Mrs.Bokan has more then 10 years of practical experience in the area of finance. During the last 3 years she conducts her services mainly in the area of personal financial planning.

In 2012 Elena Bokan became a member of Financial Planning Association, international organization that conducts control and coordinates the financial consultants activity in the area of private financial planning.


Our services

Aston Financial Services provides consultations for the clients that initially allow evaluating his financial aims, and then followed by provision of holistic approach with the recommended financial solutions (investment products, property, that are individual for every client. Furthermore, we support our client at every stage of his plan realization.

The main aim of the project – to provide consultations in the area of personal financial planning and provision of objective, up to date recommendations related to the investments of personal funds in Ukraine and abroad, formation of the capital on a long scale.


Our main criteria:

  • Independеnce  -  we provide the recommendation based on your enquiry, grounded on the detailed and objective analysis of financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad
  • Holistic approach in the capital allocation – we assist in development of long-term strategy of personal financial planning taking into account all the goals of the client (education planning for the children, travelling, retirement etc.)
  • Secure investment of the capital – we recommend only trustworthy international financial institutions in Ukraine and abroad with rating A (should be applied only to the international institutions)
  • Trusted and respectful partners – we thoroughly choose our partners in order to enable us to provide you with the best service
  • High quality service – we provide financial solutions based on the individual approach to each client and support the client on a constant basis
  • Aim driven – our aim – is your financial prosperity
  • We are welcoming each client – we provide consultation for every client with different funds and goals


The major goal of Aston Financial Services is to provide trustful financial products and investments to preserve, accommodate and accumulate private capital of our clients.

Further implementations of our solutions provide our partners – the financial institutions, audit and law companies around the world. They manage clients’ finances and have a proper license to conduct the investment and/or any other activity in the related service area.

Aston Financial Services does not manage the financial funds and operates solely as an intermediary between the client and financial institution. Aston Financial Services does not provide insurance in any matter, but recommend the insurance company and insurance product according to the client enquiry.