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Corporate clients

For our corporate clients we offer the following services:

  • Health insurance for the personnel
  • Life insurance for the personnel
  • Mounting risks
  • Business interruption risk
  • Cargo transportation risk

The price for Consultation — 1600 UAH

Aston Financial Services provides for our clients support in finding the suitable funding for the functioning business or projects to enlarge the existing capacities. We engage our reputable partners to fulfil the funding process if that is needed: to prepare the company for the local or euro bonds emission, to place the notes, to organize a legal structure of the company, to do an IPO or to find private investors.

Furthermore, consultants of Aston Financial Services support our clients in the negotiations with the investment companies and banks, audit and legal professionals, independently evaluate their reports and provide our alternative reports if needed.

The price for Consultation — 2100 UAH

Aston Financial Property provides consultations and our support in obtaining the property in Ukraine and overseas for the legal entities. It is normally done in order to secure the possession and/or receive yearly yield.  We assist to structure the process of possession of such property in order to avoid double taxation in the country of purchase and legal entity residency. Our law professional provide the company incorporation in Ukraine and in most popular jurisdictions of the world, we can act of behalf of the client to secure its confidentiality and many other services on demand.

In terms, if the client is looking to purchase the real estate for the investment yield, we provide him/her with yearly forecasted yield adjusted to the sum of insurance, maintenance, renovation and other expenses regarding the property.

Advantages for the client:

  • All the additional questions regarding property purchase we cover during our work with the client
  • We provide the client with the maintenance company, which is responsible for the property while the client is away, and, the occupancy guarantee can be provided on demand
  • Yearly property income yield will be cleaned of all additional expenses

The price for Consultation — 2900 UAH

Being the reliable financial advisor for our clients, Aston Financial Services consults and provide ready-to-use solutions in order to purchase/incorporate an international business company (IBC), trust or open a bank account. We do consultations in taxation, provide our clients with tax certificates (if needed) and licenses, and recommend reliable audit and legal professionals.

Aston Financial Services cooperates with the founders of legislation in the most popular offshore jurisdictions, therefore their expertise and knowledge is undoubtedly recognized.

We offer full range of services in the following jurisdictions: UK, Switzerland, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Seychelles, Belize, and Middle East.

Along with the companies incorporation, we offer bank account opening in the following countries: UK (personal presence is required), Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland (personal presence can be required), Panama, Dubai, Mauritius, Hong Kong (personal presence can be required).

The price for Consultation — 2900 UAH

As an alternative investment, Aston Financial Services offers investments in the pieces of art such as: painting of the Great Masters and Modern Art, antiques, sculptures, Chinese art pieces and jewelry, armor, manuscripts and further more. We accompany our clients to the main fine art exhibition fairs worldwide, get right connections and meeting with the best art dealers in the world. We support the clients when they start compose their first art collections.

The price for Consultation — 1600 UAH

Aston Financial Services regularly offers our clients and their guests to visit our events during our Society Calendar around the year. We offer our guests to become a part of the world- known events, to enhance their business connections and spend a nice weekend in a nice sophisticated atmosphere.

Our clients can get to the private clubs special events and events, organized by royal families of UK, Scotland, Monaco, Belgium, Netherlands.

We are aiming to provide best service for our clients therefore, our consultants assist on all travel arrangement details: tickets, hotels, leisure, shopping, transfers etc.

The price for Consultation — 2100 UAH

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