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Aston Financial Services provides consultations for the clients that initially allow evaluating his financial aims, and then followed by provision of holistic approach with the recommended financial solutions (investment products, property, that are individual for every client. Furthermore, we support our client at every stage of his plan realization.

In the list of services of Aston Financial Services, the following are included:

We are happy to consult you on all matters in conjunction with personal financial funds. All you need is to call us or fill in the form online. Our financial consultant will contact you shortly.

Here is the short list of questions, frequently asked on the consultation:

  • What should I do to start to build my capital
  • How should I compose my investment portfolio
  • Where to invest my money
  • How to compose my personal financials plan
  • How to save my money and minimize the risks
  • How and where can I buy international property
  • Where can I get international residence outside of my country
  • What is the second international passport
  • Where can I open international bank account

The price for Financial Consultation – 1000 UAH for 1 hour

Personal Financial Plan is a tool to control your income, expenses, investments and capital building process. Personal financial aims, the terms and costs of them, are illustrated in the personal financial plan. We develop individual personal financial plan for our clients that vary according to the personal aims and other circumstances.

Personal Financial Plan – it is a document, where we illustrate the current financial situation of the client, investment strategy with the provided plan of strategy achievement on a monthly and then, on yearly, basis. The plan shows the final figure of the client’s capital for each period (year, in 5 years, in 10 years), etc.

Personal Financial Plan consists of:

  • Express plan – provides analysis of incomes and expenses, assets and liabilities. After such analysis we provide recommendations regarding financial improvement.
  • Financial forecast: financial aims, investments, planning period (up to the certain year), cash flow distribution in line with the currency, market and government risks – everything provided in the second part of the Personal Financial Plan

The advantages of the personal financial plan:

  • Control over client’s personal budget
  • Control over financial situation for each year
  • The possibility to change some data in plan and see the adjusted result
  • Financial backup
  • Financial independence

Here you may download the example of personal financial plan.

To develop the Personal financial plan (express plan + financial forecast) – 1600 UAH.

In order to minimize the risks and secure the client’s possessions, Aston Financial Services offer to compose individual insurance plan for the most valuable assets of the client. The insurance covers the following risks of the assets: fire, flooding, robbery, intentional harm etc.

Aston Financial Services provides individual insurance package for each client. We use the objective approach in terms of insurance package offer for our clients. Therefore, we choose the best insurance companies and in cooperation, we provide best individual insurance offer.

We offer to insure:

  • Property
  • Car
  • Liability

The price for Consultation — 800 UAH

Aston Financial Services offers independent valuation of financial products all over the world to preserve and increase the personal capital. Moreover, we provide consultation in order to compose optimum investment portfolio for the client with the targeted yield, taking into account the level of the passive income. We cooperate with the highly professional investment companies of Ukraine and overseas.

The investment portfolio analysis and formation consultation – 1200 UAH

Our partners all over the world provide us with the most valuable and appealing real estate objects. Therefore, such objects are always on demand. In terms, the client is looking to purchase the real estate for the investment yield, we provide him/her with yearly forecasted yield adjusted to the sum of insurance, maintenance, renovation and other expenses regarding the property.

Advantages for the client:

  • All the additional questions regarding property purchase we cover during our work with the client
  • We provide the client with the maintenance company, which is responsible for the property while the client is away, and, the occupancy guarantee can be provided on demand
  • Yearly property income yield will be cleaned of all additional expenses

The price for Consultation — 1200 UAH

In the field of private banking (the capital starts from 1 mln USD/Euro/CHF), Aston Financial Services cooperates with TOP-ranked banks of the world in such specialty. These banks normally situated in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Monaco and have branches in the major cities of the world. With the initial placement of client’s funds, we provide the recommendation to both parties – for the client – which bank to choose, and to the bank – about the client. We assist the client with understanding of the banking procedure, of the portfolio formation and reading etc.

In the future, our specialists provide independent evaluation of the client portfolio yield and its adjustment if needed.

In order to recommend the client suitable investment portfolio, we analyse clients goals and expectations. Following that, in cooperation with our partners, we offer the client the solution with wide diversification of the capital (bonds, notes, shares etc.) to eliminate the risks and achieve the desirable yield. The advantages for the client:

  • Managed funds do not face the inflation
  • Funds generate the yield for the withdrawal or reinvestment
  • Funds are managed by the team of highly respectful banks of Switzerland
  • The client may apply for the Swiss loan up to 3% paid for it yearly
  • The property can be bought by the loan in Switzerland and Monaco

The price for Consultation — 1600 UAH

We offer bank accounts in Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Panama, UK, Dubai, Mauritius, Hong Kong etc.

The price for Consultation — 1600 UAH

Aston Financial Services is aiming to be for the client the reliable financial advisor in the field of financial planning and taxation, private capital management, investments, property investments, full range of insurance services, art- investments, investment management and life-style services.

Aston Financial Services provides full package of services for the wealthy families taking into account different fields of our activity. The list of family office services depends on the needs of the family.

Within the framework of family office services, we do non-financial services such as: we recommend and search the schools for children of our clients, we provide different booking services for travel reasons, immigration support, legal support, property search, status events all over the world.

The price for Consultation — 2600 UAH

As an alternative investment, Aston Financial Services offers investments in the pieces of art such as: painting of the Great Masters and Modern Art, antiques, sculptures, Chinese art pieces and jewelry, armor, manuscripts and further more. We accompany our clients to the main fine art exhibition fairs worldwide, get right connections and meeting with the best art dealers in the world. We support the clients when they start compose their first art collections.

The price for Consultation — 1000 UAH

Aston Financial Services regularly offers our clients and their guests to visit our events during our Society Calendar around the year. We offer our guests to become a part of the world- known events, to enhance their business connections and spend a nice weekend in a nice sophisticated atmosphere.

Our clients can get to the private clubs special events and events, organized by royal families of UK, Scotland, Monaco, Belgium, Netherlands.

We are aiming to provide best service for our clients therefore, our consultants assist on all travel arrangement details: tickets, hotels, leisure, shopping, transfers etc.

The price for Consultation — 1600 UAH

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